Before the Morning

Mourning our ancestors from ancient lands,

Mourning our fallen from the enemy’s hands,

Mourning the tribes whose land was taken,

Mourning the slaves whose lives were forsaken,


Fighting for the lives we lost too soon,

Who were seized at the hands of our so-called defenders,

Grieving for the loved ones which we won’t see again,

From a horrid disease, placed in the government’s hands.


From here, we lead a new morning…


The bright light, the shining sun, the new day.

Our morning arises, bringing forth another path.

Not all mo(u)rning leads to shadowed nights.


This new morning brings us a new day,

A new day for bright futures,

A new day for changes,

A new day for a chance.


A chance at freedom.

Freedom for those who were prejudiced undeservingly,

Freedom for those who were only worth ⅗ of a person,

Freedom for our prisoners whose lives were “ineligible,”

Freedom for our refugees who came seeking “The American Dream,”

Freedom for all, as the constitution says?


“All men are created equal.”

This is what our founders wrote many years back.

Telling us we’re equal while black children were enslaved,

Telling us we’re equal while all women were just wives,

Living off the suppression of Americans alike,

But “All men are created equal,”

Isn’t that what they said?


But, as before, there comes a new morning…


Another day to fix what we’ve broken,

Another day to remember our lost ones,

Another day to bring forth equality,

A new day, a new way.


From this darkness, we bring light.

We give our country a chance to build.

A chance to be forgiven,

And a chance to grow.


We the people,

Will fix what this country has destroyed,

Give freedom to all,

Find salvation in one another,

And create a nation that can be united,

Like it never was before.


For we have found a new morning…

And today is a new day.