Drone-view of SPHS (Mack Davis)
Drone-view of SPHS

Mack Davis

New Life for Old News

October 18, 2021

We’re back! The Palmetto and Pine has been on a decade-long hiatus, possibly due to a controversial article on sexual harassment in 2005 with the eye-catching headline Sexual HarASSment, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Then-Principal Broughton halted distribution of the paper to censor this edition and its blunt headline. Now, though, the paper is back and better than ever. Sure, Devil Vision informs the students on day-to-day activities, but this paper will serve as a forum for discussion of larger events in the world, opinion pieces, analysis of media (like movies and books), and spotlighting specific students or teachers. We hope to inform students about important topics that impact them, St. Pete High, and our city.


To further investigate the history of this paper and the importance of having a newspaper in the first place, we talked to Mr. Farias, a history teacher and soccer coach here at St. Pete High. Before teaching here, Mr. Farias was a sports writer at the Tampa Bay Times and avidly supports printed newspapers to this day. Mr. Farias brought up the fact that “kids do amazing things at this school but nobody [finds out] about it”. Back when the Palmetto and Pine was still in print, Mr. Farias “learned a lot about [both] teachers and students”. Through this features section, we hope to highlight school events, clubs, teachers, and other student involvements, in order to create a more knowledgeable student body.


Undoubtedly, the biggest event going on at the school is the construction. For at least a year now, we have grown familiar with seeing construction workers bustling around the school with their neon shirts, which even inspired a group of students during flock day. But, this isn’t St. Pete High’s first ambitious reconstruction plan. In 1981, a group of parents and teachers known as the Fair Share Committee drew up plans to remodel the auditorium, construct a completely new gymnasium, and even design new athletic areas. Although this year’s construction won’t result in a softball diamond or swimming pool, I for one am happy to finally be able to walk directly from the main building to the bell building.


What began as a modest 29 student, one-room schoolhouse in 1888 has grown to become the St. Pete High School that we know today, filled with rich history, traditions, and a unique student body. We here at the Palmetto and Pine are excited to report on this beloved school’s future and give its students a voice. As Ralph Reed, Executive Director of the Pinellas County Historical Commission, coined, “go, green devils, go!”

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  • J

    Jackson LachapelleDec 9, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    I’ve colormarked it and it is full of so much material! The exquisite use of irony and allusion are fantastic. Great writing, I look forward to more. 3/10