War Breaks Out in Ukraine

War Breaks Out in Ukraine

War breaks out in Ukraine. Russia launched attacks on multiple fronts in Ukraine on the 23rd of February. Russia claims that they are justified in their attacks due to a “genocide” of Russians in areas of Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin stated that anyone who tries to interfere in Russia’s operation will receive “consequences you have never seen.” Reports say that Russia has wiped out Ukraine’s entire air defenses. 

Nations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have condemned Russia’s actions and have imposed sanctions. At the moment global powers have said they will not send military help to Ukraine. In Ukraine, Martial law has been declared. Footage of Russian forces approaching from the air and land has been released.

Putin claimed that the goal is to demilitarize Ukraine, not occupy it. He stated that the U.S and its allies have ignored Russia’s request to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and that this would threaten Russian security.

Currently, Ukrainians are being advised to stay home, and prepare bags in the case that they must flee. Domestic flights are being advised to avoid Ukrainian Airspace. Russia claims that its attacks are only against strategic military areas and will not be an all-out civilian assault.

The world’s reaction to the conflict comes in the form of the world stock markets crashing and oil prices surging. According to President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, the people just want peace.