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Palmetto & Pine

Palmetto & Pine

Before the Morning

Anonymous, SPHS Student November 29, 2022

Mourning our ancestors from ancient lands, Mourning our fallen from the enemy’s hands, Mourning the tribes whose land was taken, Mourning the slaves whose lives were forsaken,   Fighting...

Autumnal Ambiance and the Benefits of Seasonal Eating

Autumnal Ambiance and the Benefits of Seasonal Eating

Carly Keith, Devils Eye Writer November 17, 2022

From pumpkin spice and cinnamon sticks to cranberries and figs, the fall season is associated with beloved fall produce integrated into delicious autumnal foods that make the holiday season that much more...

An Unclear Something

Anonymous, SPHS Student November 8, 2022

In the year of 2001, a woman and man by the names of Katherine and Emilio Jones gave birth to three beautiful babies. One by the name of Stella, another by the name of Hayden, and the last by Sarah. While...

Why do we see the sun rise?

Why do we see the sun rise?

Sofia Rodriguez, Devils Eye Writer October 18, 2022

We, the students of St. Pete High– some of us for the past four years– have been arriving at school with the ability to watch the sunrise. It is beautiful on the days when it is clear outside and the...

Social Media: How much is too much?

Social Media: How much is too much?

Carly Keith, Devils Eye Writer October 18, 2022

In the digital age, many opportunities are waiting to be uncovered right at our fingertips, and it can be overwhelming yet exhilarating just how many topics one can explore on social media. Though the...

Advice from a High Schooler, to a High Schooler

Advice from a High Schooler, to a High Schooler

Anonymous, Advice Columnist October 18, 2022

Dear readers, The beginning of the year is stressful for us all, so here are some tips to remember! -Talk to your teachers, they will almost always help you. Sometimes you can even get your grade...

March 27, 2012

Letter from the Editor

Paloma Welch, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 18, 2022

The earliest stories from my childhood were read aloud to me. My dad explained why the old lady swallowed the fly. He helped me envision the drawings that were created with Harold’s purple crayon. He...

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Olivia Moore, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 18, 2022

Coming back to school this year feels more thrilling than ever before. Many students are returning from a summer that could only be known as exciting, new, and different. The summer of 2022 was the first...

A Walk in the Park

Anonymous, SPHS Student October 13, 2022

The sun was setting on a crisp fall evening, the sky turning purple as a full moon takes over the horizon. Jeremy knew it wasn’t safe to go outside in the dark but something about this night made the...

Between the Margins

Anonymous, SPHS Student September 27, 2022

This short story was submitted by an IB junior at St. Petersburg High. They submitted this story to the Iris & Stanley Shalit Short Story Competition in March 2021. This story won the first place prize...

Praise for My Heart

Anonymous, SPHS Student September 5, 2022

this heart is a loving heart it needs an open-mind to grow. it doesn’t discriminate to anyone or anything. this heart is an accepting heart. it doesn’t like to be broken. it doesn’t like to...

The Labor Shortage

Ava John, Opinion Editor and Reporter July 5, 2022

America is facing a national labor shortage that not only affects the workers, but everyone buying, selling, working for a corporation, and even those contributing to a publicly owned institution. The...

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