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What happened to comics?

What happened to comics?

Gabriela Salzman, A&E Writer March 5, 2024

Comic books, up until the 90’s, used to be sold everywhere and for under a dollar. Now, the online market is the most reliable place to go, and if you want to buy in person you might only find a couple...

The Percy Jackson and Harry Potter franchises share many similarities. This includes origins in mythology and a main male protagonist who is the “chosen one,” along with two male and female supporting characters.

Potters vs. Percy: What makes a good adaptation?

Gabriela Salzman, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

Out of all the stories kids consume, the most popular is seemingly the hero’s journey. Whether it’s movies, shows, comics, or books, the concept of someone who at first seems normal or inconsequential...

By supporting local businesses that have longstanding connections in the city, the authenticity of them will remain intact.

Wilson’s Book World

Sasha Kelley, Assistant Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2023

A piece of St. Petersburg history sits tucked between generic buildings on a busy street, hundreds of books stacked floor to ceiling lay behind white walls bruised by the sun and battered by dirt. From...

When it comes to book withdrawal, the best way to get out of the slump is to get into a new book.

The Phenomenon of Book Withdrawal

Gabriela Salzman, News Writer May 15, 2023

You finish reading the last page of the book you have devoted numerous hours to. You go through the ritual of updating your Goodreads, putting the bookmark away, and placing the book back on the shelf....

I asked her what the perfect book/wine combo was at Book + Bottle, to which she replied, “anything bubbly, like champagne and new literary fiction.” 

Book + Bottle: The Perfect Blend

Ellie Miller, A&E Editor March 6, 2023

When I walked into Book + Bottle on a chilly Thursday afternoon, a bustling group of customers, an aroma of books, and sweet-smelling wines welcomed me. Founded by Terra Dunham (an SPHS grad), Book + Bottle...

Popular BookTok Books.

The Influence of BookTok: Jenny Han and others

Taliya Smart, A&E Writer October 18, 2022

Books by popular authors such as Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jenny Han, and Holly Jackson, have gained their success primarily on TikTok. These well-known books have become highly favored over the past few months....

Popular word game WORDLE

Apps That Had 15 Minutes of Fame

Gabriela Salzman, News Writer October 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered what happened to once-popular apps, such as or Pokémon Go? One day, all anyone can talk about is “this new app that you need to download,” but soon after, you haven't...

The progression of a reading addicts bookshelf...

Repetitive Reads

Paloma Welch, Opinion Editor November 14, 2021

Why are students still reading outdated, over-taught books in schools? From To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, to Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the high school curriculum’s exploitation...

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