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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

With summer quickly approaching, anticipation is rising, and so are our shining, sunny bucket lists.
Combine summer fun with family this year.
Ilene Goddard
Combine summer fun with family this year.

Now that we are finally embracing Florida’s famous warm weather, we can enjoy the beach, wear shorts and t-shirts, go on sunset bike rides, and attend sweaty summer concerts of course. The question was simple, yet many had trouble answering because there are so many ways they could answer the question. “What’s one thing you’re looking forward to/on your bucket list for this summer?” I collected responses from a diverse group of St. Petersburg High School students to cultivate the most popular summer bucket list — SPHS style. 


This year has flown by so fast, but teachers and students from the graduating class of 2024 to the new freshman are ready for summer nonetheless. However, it seems when we get into the thick of summer, a lot of people find themselves at home, repeating the same routine. Beach, sleep, eat, rinse, and repeat. The response that won the popularity vote was just that. The sunshine state is arguably most popular for its beautiful beaches. Here in St. Pete, we’re so close that we can easily take advantage of paradise. Although you don’t have to be as ambitious as Elizabeth Halprin, an IB Sophomore at St. Petersburg High School who says she’s excited about “going to the beach everyday.” The only downside of being a floridian is that we are spoiled without even knowing it. Imagine living where there is no coast and no ocean for miles and miles. It sounds so claustrophobic, just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies. 


The second most popular response was to travel. These glorious two school-free months are the perfect time to see a place you haven’t before. From the Florida keys to other continents the world, students are thrilled to make some new memories away from home. Olivia Moore, a IB senior at St. Petersburg high shared that she is excited to go “backpacking around Europe with [her] best friend.” Travelling is the best way to learn about the world, and see how people live in other places with your own eyes. Some of St. Petersburg High students will be visiting family internationally, including Alyssa Massion, an IB Sophomore who says that visiting her family is “one of the most exciting things, and what [she] will always look forward to” for summer. The versatility that traveling has can adapt to any person as well. This summer, you can travel to a new park, or a new town you haven’t visited if you’d like to keep it local. If you’re privileged enough to travel to other states or countries, definitely don’t miss out on that opportunity. The world is your oyster. 


The beach and traveling won first and second place for popularity, however other students are looking forward to more of a hustle this summer. When asked what was on his bucket list, Cameron Lehtovirta, an IB Sophomore kept it simple: “getting money.” Others agreed as well. The grind never stops for lots of students, even in the relaxing summer months. With so much free time and tourists Florida will be soon by seeing, businesses will be hiring. Alexus Phanphilithip, a traditional Sophomore at St. Petersburg High School is excited about “finding a summer job.” Think ice cream shops, beach restaurants, lifeguarding and more. High school is the perfect time to get your money up due to the lack of bills students have to pay, so working is not a bad idea this summer! 


Lastly, I heard lots of responses that said something along the lines of “hanging out with my friends and family.” We’re only getting older. Soon we will all be going off to college, joining the workforce, making our own paths, and chasing our own dreams in this world. Spending time with those you love is something that I encourage everyone to do year round , not just this summer. If you take anything away from this article, it’s that. Always remember to tell your loved one that you love them, even if it isn’t verbal. At the end of the day all your accolades and accomplishments will never add up to the memories and love you share with those you care about. With that, let’s make this summer 2024 one to remember!

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