Spring Break Done Right: Five Activities to Kick-off the Spring Season


Izzy Welch

Spring break is the perfect time to connect with nature and support wildlife protection.

It is about that time of year, when flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun shines brightly as breezes persist, and the world awakes from its frosty slumber. But along with this, spring break is right around the corner, and it allows a chance to take in the beginning of a new season. Many students amidst the season of spring are dealing with preparation for impending exams, ensuring they have met requirements for various clubs, and dealing with the general burnout that comes from a long school year. All of this is to say spring break can feel like salvation from the ongoing stress school is bound to bring, which is why it is important to make the most of it with these five things to do over break!

1) Take a Mental Health Break

Spring is symbolic of fresh starts and new beginnings: take time during this break to decompress and relax. The end of a quarter is hectic and stress-inducing, and it is important to take care of oneself. As flowers bloom anew, so can you! Cut yourself some slack and take time to build a nested foundation in your mind, and root yourself in new values and ways of life.

2) Go on a Nature Walk

Even though St. Petersburg and Pinellas County continue to grow in population and urbanization, the area is still blessed with many nature parks that beg to be explored. From Boyd Hill Nature Preserve to Sawgrass Lake Park, a simple google search brings a plethora of results that could lead to your next big adventure! Supporting nature parks and preserves that are often nonprofit organizations is crucial for the protection of wildlife and native Florida species, and what better way to do that than taking a stroll among towering trees and the distant chirping of birds? Spring break is the perfect time to connect with nature and support wildlife protection.

3) Plant a Garden

Here in the Sunshine State, winter starts late, and spring begins early, and there’s not a better time than this to discover your green thumb. Seeds can be planted as early as February in Florida, but it can also be as easy as buying a couple of plants from Home Depot or, better yet, at local markets and events to support small businesses and nonprofits. It is important to help out the crucial little pollinators and critters, and what better way to do it than planting a couple of flowers? Or maybe, planting vegetables and fruits that can be used in the kitchen or given to the community. Whether the motive is for bigger or smaller organisms or just simply to begin a new hobby, gardening is an excellent way to give to others and make the surrounding environment a little bit more beautiful. 

4) Explore Hobbies

If nature is not your thing, beginning or continuing a previous hobby is an excellent and fun way to spend spring break. Hobbies allow the exploration of creative pursuits and physical activities and are beneficial to one’s general well-being as well as improvement in mental health. Pick up a book, kick a soccer ball, paint an inspiring scene, or bike around the neighborhood– this is the perfect time to try new things and discover hobbies you might grow to love.

5) Take a Breath of Fresh Air

There are many destinations in St. Pete to explore on foot! Walking along the pier, exploring open parks along the bay, or shopping on central avenue. Downtown St. Pete has various opportunities for fun experiences! Picnics at North Shore Park and a day spent in the sun may be just what you need. Better yet, there are countless parks in St. Pete to explore, from Crescent Lake to Gulfport’s Veterans park. Spring is just the right time for a picnic or sport in the open area accompanied by nature, the warm sun, and slight breezes.