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This election foreshadows Florida politics and affects citizens by impacting how laws will be passed.

The Impact of the Speaker of the House Election

Ava John, SPHS News Editor January 19, 2023

After 15 rounds of voting, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) became Speaker of the House in the early hours of January 7th. To win votes from the right, McCarthy made deals with House members that weakened the power...

A Gary King Happiness sign on 20th avenue north and 9th street.

You are Part of the Happiness Experiment

Norah Craig, News Writer December 12, 2022

Have you ever noticed a red and white sign that reads “Happiness?” Maybe on ninth street or even in your neighborhood? There are over 250 of these signs plastered around St. Petersburg, all part of...

Maria Somado and Syncyera Wisdoms CAS project for holiday donations.

Local Holiday Volunteering

Alexandra Moss, SPHS News Writer December 12, 2022

With the Holiday season coming up, more people will be in the mood to give back. Holiday donations are an important part of being in a community. Giving back is an amazing action that will uplift both...

BTS, the well-known K-pop group, has been scheduled to go into the South Korean military.

The Force of Military

Taliya Smart, A&E Writer December 12, 2022

As many people may have heard, BTS, the well-known K-pop group, has been scheduled to go into the South Korean military. They were scheduled to go earlier, but given their large fan base, it was pushed...

Many members of the St. Pete High community have been touched by the presence of this tree.

The Last Wish: The Dalí Museum’s Unforgettable Tree

Sydney Davis, SPHS News Editor December 12, 2022

Behind 35 feet and mass of Ficus tree lies over 20,000 wishes that are soon to be removed from the Dalí Museum and the greater community of St. Petersburg.  The Wish Tree is designed to be a botanical...

Every level of our world relies on water. And yet, we’re running out of it.

The Water Wars Have Begun

Bryan Shedden, News Writer December 12, 2022

There’s a substance called hydroxyl acid. It’s a chemical that surrounds us in our modern world, as an industrial solvent, coolant, fire retardant, and pesticide. High amounts can be found in our drinking...

By looking at the American holiday season through the lens of another culture, one can better understand other people and what they hold sacred.

Diwali: A Festival of Lights

Maya Matheney, News Editor December 12, 2022

As the holiday season approaches, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas become ever-present in the minds of people across the country. It can be easy to forget other seasonal holidays, especially...

It is significant to note the importance of shopping small to enrich the local economy.

Holiday Overconsumption

Ava John, SPHS News Editor December 12, 2022

Holiday spending is a staple of American culture, but overconsumption is not just a festive occurrence: it’s rooted in American culture.  America has the biggest consumer market in the world, and...

Green Bench Brewing Co. has this bench located at their establishment. Their goal as a company is to bring awareness to the history behind the benches, rather than shielding our community from it.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Gabriela Salzman, News Writer October 27, 2022

What do you think of when you hear “The Big Apple”? New York, right? You can find at least one nickname for almost every city. Seattle is the “Emerald City,” Las Vegas is the “Sin City,” Chicago...

Map of Taiwan on computer to show connection between Taiwan and the Conducters.

Taiwan: Why should we care?

Bryan Shedden, News Writer October 18, 2022

What’s the most influential company in the world? Your mind might immediately run to the big tech giants of today: Apple, Google, Samsung, and the like. Perhaps you think of big banks like JP Morgan,...

A sign commonly found posted outside teachers classrooms this year.

The National Teacher Shortage: How does it affect us?

Maya Matheney, News Editor October 18, 2022

Since the pandemic in 2020, a shortage of teachers has impacted many public schools sweeping the nation. St. Petersburg High School is not an exception to this phenomenon, as a lack of educators at our...

CASA a local womens organization.

October: A month meaning more than pumpkins

Ella Flye, Devils Eye Editor October 18, 2022

The school year is underway, football season is in full swing, and menus around town include pumpkin spiced treats. The fall season is filled with traditions and excitement, but a deeper meaning is often...

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