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Tuyen Nguyen (IB): “My most memorable high school experience was probably showing up to school the first time. I feel like everyone remembers their first day of school. I was a virtual student for a while, so showing up to school was a little scary, but I eventually found my place and the people that matter to me.”

Looking Ahead with the Seniors

Paloma Welch, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2023

Senior year marks the end of an era for our St. Petersburg High School students. Our senior class attends the homecoming dance in the school gym and enters the Coliseum for prom for the last time. Seniors...

Mr. Day loves to read the SPHS Palmetto & Pine newspaper!

Not a Day Will Go by That We Won’t Miss Mr.Day

Sydney Davis and Paloma Welch May 15, 2023

After more than 28 years in the classroom, Mr. Jamie Day is ready for what the future holds outside the walls of St. Petersburg High School. Many might know him as the man who stands on the third floor...

The podcast has been a productive way for members of the school board and authoritative figures within the school system to hear and understand teachers ongoing concerns.

The FYRE Podcast

Sasha Kelley, Assistant Editor-in-Chief May 15, 2023

The PCTA FYRE podcast is a collaborative forum of St. Petersburg High School teachers that are members of the Pinellas County teacher's union discussing their opinions and perspectives as public school...

Bottow row (left to right): Anna Cubito, Lara Tyranski, Caroline Fuss; Top row (left): Payton Ratkiewicz

2023 Valedictorians

Maya Matheney, News Editor May 15, 2023

Valedictorian is one of the most coveted titles in high school history. It highlights the hard work, grit, and determination of the student who graduates first in their class. This year at St. Petersburg...

Photo classes are a great way to change a person’s artistic view and “see things from a different perspective.”

Fresh Take: Photography at SPHS

Alexandra Moss, SPHS News Writer March 6, 2023

The arrival of a new photography and art teacher has brought about a refreshing change to the photography program. Rachel Koral arrived at St. Petersburg High School just this year and has boosted the...

Seniors at football game.

Reminiscing with the Class of 23’

Hema Mangat, Sports Editor October 18, 2022

As SPHS seniors begin their final year of high school, We wanted to reach out to a few and ask them some questions about their high school experience.    Janie Cunneen is a 17-year-old who is captain...

Mrs. Kaur Barrett the IB Coordinator at St. Pete High.

Getting to Know the New IB Coordinator

Ellie Silvers, Web Editor October 6, 2022

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a two-year educational program founded to provide students from around the world access to a rigorous education that will prepare them for higher-level schooling....

Interview with Mr. Powell: Official Transcript

Interview with Mr. Powell: Official Transcript

Travis Brackin, Sports Editor & News Reporter February 1, 2022

Kenith Powell with Travis Brackin on Friday, January 7th, 2022   This is a transcript of the interview with Mr. Powell cited in “Mr. Powell leaves St. Pete High after 25 Years”. Please search...

Mr. Powell leaves St. Pete High after 25 years

Mr. Powell leaves St. Pete High after 25 years

Travis Brackin, Sports Editor & News Reporter February 1, 2022

Kenny Powell, campus monitor of Saint Petersburg High School, is retiring in February after 25 years at the school. The news has spread slowly throughout the school, and his retirement has shocked many....

Sara Abusulb (left) and Joanne Lioe (right).

Look at those Devils Go! (College-Bound Edition)

Leah Sonberg, Features Reporter February 1, 2022

Well, it’s that time of the year. One that is simultaneously dreaded and longed for: college decisions. For some seniors, it’s a time of celebration and recognition of years of hard work and dedication...

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