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Laufey’s audience isn’t composed of the usual Jazz listeners or the general established Jazz audience, but mainly young GenZ individuals.

Is Laufey saving the dying genre?

Shayla Nguyen, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

In recent years, Laufey Lín Jónsdóttir, commonly referred to as Laufey, has gained notoriety for her music. Being dubbed the “Savior of Jazz,” many are convinced that Laufey has brought Jazz back...

The radio is an iconic broadcasting service and always will be. However, will it keep up music-wise with the rest of our media and pop culture?

RIP to the Radio

Sarah Rowland, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

Whether we can help it or not, the radio is dying. Of course, most people listen to the radio daily, but when was the last time you truly enjoyed listening to the radio? The radio that is never lacking...

Although it may seem unexpected, the holly, jolly Christmas season does offer some good opportunities for some twisted tales.

Have a Merry Scary Christmas!

Hayden George, SPHS News Editor December 15, 2023

Christmas is a holiday loved by all, with it traditionally being a time of jolly spirits, singing carols, and watching Hallmark movies. But it's understandable that a lot of people are looking for something...

The Percy Jackson and Harry Potter franchises share many similarities. This includes origins in mythology and a main male protagonist who is the “chosen one,” along with two male and female supporting characters.

Potters vs. Percy: What makes a good adaptation?

Gabriela Salzman, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

Out of all the stories kids consume, the most popular is seemingly the hero’s journey. Whether it’s movies, shows, comics, or books, the concept of someone who at first seems normal or inconsequential...

What sets aside The Eras Tour from Taylor Swift’s previous tours is its ability to take you on a journey through the last seventeen years of her career.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour 

Estella McCormick, SPHS News Editor October 26, 2023

Taylor Swift. Whether you love or hate her, you can’t argue she is making music like no other, and a big part of her immense success is with her most recent tour, the Eras Tour. Much like her previous...

Having the privilege of experiencing academic experiences such as these improves students’ all-around intellect, creativity, and independence.

Stopping the Summer Slide: SPHS Students’ Academic Experiences

Ellie Miller, A&E Editor October 17, 2023

For most students, summer break is the most anticipated time of the year: no school, no deadlines, no classes. However, as the start of school rolls around, many students struggle to adjust to the constant...

By supporting local businesses that have longstanding connections in the city, the authenticity of them will remain intact.

Wilson’s Book World

Sasha Kelley, Assistant Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2023

A piece of St. Petersburg history sits tucked between generic buildings on a busy street, hundreds of books stacked floor to ceiling lay behind white walls bruised by the sun and battered by dirt. From...

Old Broadway musicals being revived and put on the modern stage is a wonderful sight to see, as it brings a broader audience to the theater.

The Showing and Upcoming Broadway Excitements

Taliya Smart, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

It’s around the time for entertainment to take up the stage. Old, new, and improved Broadway musicals will be touring nationwide. Some of these musicals date back to decades ago and are now being revived...

Taylor embarked on this tour after the release of her 10th studio album, Midnights, in 2022.

‘Tis the Season to be a Concert-Goer

Maya Daly, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

Concerts of summer ‘23 in Florida were top-tier. Over the course of the last few miserably hot months, a solid handful of extremely popular and talented artists came down south to perform. This year,...

When asked whether they liked Barbie or Oppenheimer better, @sphspress followers overwhelming voted for Barbie

Barbenheimer: The dual release of the decade

Kelly Fuss, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

As we all witnessed this summer, July 21st was a day to remember in cinematic history: both Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer were shown in theaters to the public for the first...

Listen to our study playlist, made with the suggestions of @sphspress Instagram followers.

Do Music and Studying Go Together?

Sofia Hahn, Devils Eye Editor October 17, 2023

Students listen to music while studying for various reasons. One student recalls that music “helps keep [her] focused” while studying. Another student claims that music provides motivation to study...

Each day, there are approximately 54,785 visitors to Magic Kingdom.

Florida: Just One Big Theme Park

Taliya Smart, A&E Writer May 15, 2023

Synonymous with Florida are theme parks. Theme parks are some of the most magical and unique attractions in Florida. These parks are popular places to visit with friends and family to provide memorable...

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