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[Phoebe] Bridgers is featured on the track “Nothing New” from Swift’s re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version).

Taylor Swift and Her Impact on Rising Musicians

Ellie Miller, A&E Editor January 26, 2023

“She’s like the king of her craft,” says indie-rock musician Phoebe Bridgers in an interview on Charli XCX’s podcast, Best Song Ever, when asked about her favorite Taylor Swift song. “She's just...

Coca-Cola was saved by the man with a hearty laugh.

Coca-Cola Santa

Shayla Nguyen, A&E Writer December 12, 2022

Was Santa always rosy-cheeked and jolly? Was the man who delivers joy worldwide on a cold December night always the way we know him today? In truth, no. Instead of a stout, red-and-white dressed man, Santa...

In the same way that we cherish common shows or toys from our childhood, these Christmas songs exemplify a familiar feeling.

It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

Gabriela Salzman, A&E Writer December 12, 2022

You know it’s Christmas time when you start seeing sweaters instead of tank tops, fake snow, and colorful lights, but most of all, the music blasting from every store. As soon as it hits October, we...

Cast and backstage members of The Butler Did it, Again!

BTS of the Fall Play

Sasha Kelley, Devil's Eye Editor December 12, 2022

Makeup powder, hairspray, and an underlying sense of panic filled the air when I entered the theater room in order to conduct interviews for this piece about the St. Petersburg High School fall production,...

I was a Hallmark movie kid. Still am too, especially during Christmastime.

Hallmark IS the Holiday

Maya Daly, A&E Writer December 12, 2022

Every teenager knows the question: “Were you a Disney kid or a Nickelodeon kid?” In a way, it defines your personality. Me? I am neither. I was a Hallmark movie kid. Still am too, especially during...

Mural featuring Gilmore Girls Quote at Strand Bookstore, New York City.

Gilmore Girls: The show of the season

Sarah Rowland, A&E Writer December 8, 2022

The hit show Gilmore Girls has captivated millions of people’s hearts over the years. From the notable soundtrack to the lovable characters, Gilmore Girls has a little something for everyone. Despite...

Enchant Winter Festival at Tropicana Field in St.Petersburg, FL.

Holiday Masterlist: How to Spend Your Time Over the Holiday Season

Ava John, SPHS News Editor December 1, 2022

During the holiday season, it can be hard to balance the stress of midterms while dedicating time to seasonal media and activities. Additionally, keeping track of these activities can be a pain. Here’s...

Vinyl playing Midnights by Taylor Swift on record player in Ellie Millers room.

Taylor Swift Shines in New Album Midnights (Ranking) 

Ellie Miller, A&E Editor November 10, 2022

On Friday, October 21st, international superstar Taylor Swift released her long-awaited 10th studio album, Midnights. Midnights illustrates 13 sleepless nights throughout Swift’s life, filled with dark...

A number of Pumpkins sitting at a local pumpkin patch

5 Essential Halloween-Themed Episodes in TV

Sofia Hahn, A&E Writer November 3, 2022

With Halloween approaching, getting into the spooky spirit is a must. While watching Halloween movies is a tradition, increasing school work makes it hard to find the time to sit down and watch the classics....

Movie posters at AMC Sundial.

Five Movies That Should be in Theaters Again

Maya Daly, A&E Writer October 18, 2022

Movies have always played an extremely pivotal role in my life. Recently, a lot of older movies have been re-released into theaters for a second go-round, Jaws being one of them. Although the shark flick...

St. Pete High Students listening to memories

What are St. Pete High students listening to?

Chelsea Brown, Social Media Manager October 18, 2022

If you were to walk around the halls of St. Pete High, you would undoubtedly see many students with headphones in their ears or over their heads. Most students enjoy listening to music at school. Whether...

Popular BookTok Books.

The Influence of BookTok: Jenny Han and others

Taliya Smart, A&E Writer October 18, 2022

Books by popular authors such as Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jenny Han, and Holly Jackson, have gained their success primarily on TikTok. These well-known books have become highly favored over the past few months....

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