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The Swift Touchdown: Love at First Sight

The Swift Touchdown: Love at First Sight
Ilene Goddard

One way or another, we have all heard of the singer/songwriter Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The famous couple have been together for six months now, and their story will shock you. Back in July, Swift was on her Eras Tour, at Arrowhead Stadium, which is where Kelce plays football for the Chiefs. Kelce was spotted watching the show from his private box, as well as trading friendship bracelets with his fans. The football star then revealed that he attempted to talk to Swift after the show and failed. His plan was to give her a personalized bracelet, with his number on it, but she needed to save her voice for the 44 songs that she would perform at her upcoming concerts. Kelce then made a bold move and invited Swift to come watch him play at Arrowhead Stadium. Shockingly, Swift was spotted in Kelce’s private suit, cheering him on with his mother Donna, where Swift was seen cheering as he scored a touchdown. Following the game, the two stars were seen walking out of the game together. Their relationship went uphill from there. As Kelce’s team faced off against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, on October 1st, 2023, Swift was spotted with a handful of her celebrity friends, including Sabrina Carpenter, Ryan Renalds, Blake Lively, and Hugh Jackman. The two were then seen on public dates, as their relationship got more serious. Kelce then attended Swift’s second leg of her Eras tour to cheer her on. From then on, both stars attended public events together and released their love life to the public and became commonly known as Traylor. 

Fans have many mixed feelings about their relationship, but Swift’s appearance at Kelce’s games has skyrocketed sales for the Kansas City Chiefs. Some people go to the game just to see Taylor Swift! Victoria Wirth, a freshman IB student and a fellow Swiftie said “I have always been a Chief’s fan, but to see my favorite artist and role model at the game is pretty cool too.”

With Taylor Swift being so popular, according to The Kansas City Stars website, “Swift’s two days in KC alone generated $200 million.” That was two days, imagine what she could do to sales in a season. If she continues to keep making appearances to support Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to have more money than they could ever imagine. But the real question is this: will Traylor continue, or will Kelce be Swift’s 13th ex?   Nonetheless, she is transforming the NFL and having many positive impacts.

The sports world was taken by surprise as Taylor Swift continued to appear at Chief’s games. Swift has amplified Kansas City’s sales in almost every way. She was seen wearing a sweatshirt from the KC store, ever since then the sales doubled.  She helped spike ticket and jersey sales and so much more. When Swift was supporting Kelce in her first appearance at a Chiefs game, there was a 53% increase in female viewers between the ages of 12 and 17, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Swift’s NFL interest has created almost 122 million dollars. The “Taylor Swift effect” has not only made a play with the Chiefs but also scored a touchdown with the NFL. 

Although their fame is astounding, many people have different opinions on their relationship status. Wirth thinks “It’s good that she is dating someone who understands how fame impacts relationships. However, I don’t think they are going to last; they should just enjoy what they have now.” On the other hand, Kelly Fuss, another freshman IB student feels, “They seem very happy and loving towards one another. I think they seem like a healthy and agreeing couple, and I think they will remain together for the foreseeable future.” So, will Traylor stick and continue to help the Chiefs rise to greatness? Only time will tell. With the question of their future relationship lingering, we look forward to seeing the outcome of Traylor and the positive effects their relationship brings to the NFL.


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