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The much-debated beignet controversy between Cafe Du Monde and Cafe Beignet is not something that one can leave New Orleans without taking part in.

Summer Getaway in NOLA

Ava John, Assistant Editor-in-Chief May 15, 2023

New Orleans, Louisiana, rich in culture and driving distance from St. Pete, is a perfect summer break travel destination. With a fascinating history and beautiful culture, NOLA has something for everyone....

Students have no control over their family income, so it shouldn’t be a source of inequality in education, but that doesn’t stop it from happening.

The Underprivileged in College Admissions

Sofia Rodriguez, Devils Eye Writer May 15, 2023

High school is the time to impress colleges, and one of the most significant pieces of advice we are given over and over again upon entering our first year is that you can never start too early. We hear...

Students get taught the mindset of “this shows how smart you are, so do well the first time,” rather than “this is a practice to help you get better.”

Where Standardized Testing Falls Short

Sofia Rodriguez, Devils Eye Writer March 6, 2023

Current high schoolers have been participating in state testing since elementary school. If you ask a random public high schooler what the FSA is, they will know. Some of the oldest even remember the FCAT,...

Spring break is the perfect time to connect with nature and support wildlife protection.

Spring Break Done Right: Five Activities to Kick-off the Spring Season

Carly Keith, Devils Eye Writer March 6, 2023

It is about that time of year, when flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun shines brightly as breezes persist, and the world awakes from its frosty slumber. But along with this, spring break is right...

When clothes don’t fit or no longer serve their purpose but remain in relatively good quality, they should ideally go to charities or thrift stores in a donation.

A Fresh Start: Cleaning Your Closet

Sasha Kelley, Assistant Editor-in-Chief March 6, 2023

With a new season comes new beginnings. Whether it's a resolution to exercise more or a goal of saving $500 every month, society collectively rings in the change of self with the change of the calendar....

Mindfulness is a very accessible tool to combat stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Justin Jordan, Devils Eye Writer March 6, 2023

The New Year offers many renewed hope and inspiration for continuous self-improvement. Although many people make resolutions for change in the New Year, so few seem to mention one of the most important...

The Flag Pavilion at TKS an international school in Saudi Arabia

Actually International?

Olivia Moore, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 16, 2023

On January 30th, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across a post from HHSToday, the Hillsborough High School Newspaper’s Instagram page. It detailed their annual International Day celebrations,...

Journaling can be an effective way to keep track of New Years Resolutions.

New Years Resolutions: yes or no?

Olivia Moore, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 12, 2023

New Year's Resolutions: love them or hate them during this time of year, it's impossible to escape them. Whether it be working out, drinking more water, or reading many people feel that when the clock...

Knowing what makes you feel loved can help to create more meaningful and genuine relationships.

Unpacking & Understanding Love Languages

Ella Flye, Devil's Eye Editor December 12, 2022

Being able to understand your own and recognize how others give and receive love is very important when maintaining relationships. Whether the relationship is a romantic relationship or a friendship, valuing...

English teacher Ms. Flanigans no phones or headphones poster on her classroom door

 Phones are too Tempting for School

Sofia Rodriguez, Devils Eye Writer December 12, 2022

When spring of 2020 hit, Pinellas County Schools fumbled to learn how to work online, which brought on the switch to technology in schools much faster than it had been progressing. Now, most of the assignments...

The Gay-Straight Alliance poster on the door of Mr. Belcastros classroom

The Effects of Homophobia at Saint Pete High

Justin Jordan, Devils Eye Writer December 12, 2022

Homophobia is a problem that is often overlooked or downplayed, but the effects of homophobia are undeniable. According to the CDC, homophobia negatively affects the physical and mental health of LGBTQ...

Flower Stand at Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, FL.

Autumnal Ambiance and the Benefits of Seasonal Eating

Carly Keith, Devils Eye Writer November 17, 2022

From pumpkin spice and cinnamon sticks to cranberries and figs, the fall season is associated with beloved fall produce integrated into delicious autumnal foods that make the holiday season that much more...

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