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Fun in the Sun: Unusual Summer Holidays You Never Knew Existed

Planning your summer vacation can be tricky with conflicting schedules and differing priorities. Here are some suggestions to balance fun and work this summer.
Those going abroad this summer are working to find balance between work and play.
Ilene Goddard
Those going abroad this summer are working to find balance between work and play.

The end of the school year is coming faster than we can believe it. The excitement of summer is in the air. However, for high school students, summer is more than just a two month break from school. Summer is a time to focus on what’s important, while also having fun. Summer means something different for every grade level. Planning your summer can be challenging, but if you have a basic idea of what you want to do this summer, it won’t be as difficult. To help you out, I’ve discovered some holidays that you probably haven’t heard of before. If planning fun outings with your friends isn’t easy, perhaps these ideas will help. Let’s have a great Green Devil summer! 

Before I name these holidays, let’s talk about some plans our Green Devils have made for this summer. There is some variation between all of the grade levels, but most students have similar ideas. International Baccalaureate Freshman Charlotte Burgess says that her summer “includes lots of cheerleading, working, and volunteering.” On the other hand, Traditional Sophomore Novalee Rollins is “doing a lot of things, such as cruises and concerts.” Despite being a year older, Rollins is using the summer to relax, while Burgess is focusing on getting volunteer hours and improving on her cheerleading skills for next year. Furthermore, International Baccalaureate Junior Joselyn Castagner explains her summer balance between work and fun. “I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas, but I plan on working all summer as a lifeguard,” says Castagner. Junior year of high school is definitely the most stressful year, but it seems Castagner knows how to make the most of it. Finally, Traditional Senior Daniela Leombruno is going to have a pretty laid-back summer by working and hanging out with friends. “This summer will be a bit different because a lot of my friends will be moving away after

graduation,” says Leombruno, “so I’m taking advantage of any chance I get to hang out with them.” 

Hanging out with friends is a common trend among teenagers; however, planning can be difficult. Everyone has something going on at sometime, so it’s not always easy to make arrangements. That’s when our “fun in the sun” holidays come in handy. Some examples of these holidays are the following: Best Friends Day (June 8th), Iced Tea Day (June 10th), Take a Road Trip Day (June 21st), Chocolate Day (July 7th), Friday the 13th (July 13th), National Ice Cream Day (July 21st), National Sisters Day (Aug. 4th), and National Tell A Joke Day (Aug. 16th). Some of our students have already used these ideas to plan their summers. “I love using these summer holidays as an outline for the day if I don’t have any prior plans,” says Leombruno. Similarly, Castagner typically watches scary movies with her friends on Friday the 13th. 

Regardless of your plans for this summer, it is still important to make fun a priority. While summer is a great time to get ahead, the break is also necessary. Knowing about these specific holiday dates will make your summer planning a lot easier.“These dates definitely spark interest,” says Burgess, “they make planning easier, and give more purpose to hang out!” In the end, I think we can all agree that we cannot wait for the summer. It was a long and exhausting school year, and this break is definitely well deserved. Have fun, work hard, and be sure to consider some of these holidays when planning! (For those interested, they would also make great Instagram captions!) Have a great summer, Green Devils!

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