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Mr. Bentons freshman class

How is St. Pete High treating this year’s freshman?

Hayden George, SPHS News Writer October 18, 2022

Coming from middle school to high school can be a big change, but just how challenging can that change be? A Google Doc survey collected data from 18 freshmen to get their first impressions of St. Petersburg...

The Feminist Club at SPHS

The Feminist Club at SPHS

Estella McCormick and Alexandra Moss October 18, 2022

Hey, Green Devils! As you may have heard, our very own St. Petersburg High School is reviving the feminist club, which will open up many new doors for all our students.  So, what does feminism mean?...

Building St. Pete High’s Legacy Brick by Brick

Building St. Pete High’s Legacy Brick by Brick

Sydney Davis, SPHS News Editor October 18, 2022

The St. Petersburg High School students walk to class ill-considered to the bricks fabricated below their feet full of their classmates, teachers, and friends' names. What are these newly installed bricks...

Key club members at DCON

Service Clubs at SPHS: A change from tradition!

Paloma Welch, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 18, 2022

At St. Petersburg High School, service clubs have always been popularized and highly recognized by organizations within Pinellas County. These service clubs, consisting of Key, Rojans, Interact,...

The Free Lunch Program Has Ended: What does this mean for SPHS?

The Free Lunch Program Has Ended: What does this mean for SPHS?

Sasha Kelley, Devils Eye Editor October 18, 2022

Settling back into school is usually a difficult task for most students. New classes come with new worries and rising anxiety, leading up to that dreaded day marked on everyone's calendar. There are many...

The 10th grade, Pre-Calc claas

How Stressed is the Average IB Student? You’re Not Alone

Sydney Davis March 1, 2022

The IB Program or the International Baccalaureate, a rigorous program full of advanced, successful students, can also be filled with times of anxiety and stress.  IB was founded in 1968, in Geneva...

Riley Wright loves Canvas!

PCS Connects Canvas: Is This the Better Way to Learn?

Paloma Welch, Opinion Editor March 1, 2022

Upon the outbreak of Covid-19, students and teachers converted to using Canvas as a way to submit and assign classwork and homework. This decision was made as a way to be able to efficiently communicate...

Drone-view of SPHS

Campus Update: Is Construction FINALLY Over?

Grace Kusek, Editor in Chief February 1, 2022

St. Petersburg High School underwent major construction over the past few years. In an effort to preserve the historic school, extreme measures were taken into consideration during the school's long-awaited...

“Goldfever Through the Ages”, in Review

“Goldfever Through the Ages”, in Review

Travis Brackin, Sports Editor & News Reporter February 1, 2022

The return of a Saint Petersburg High icon concluded on Friday with a bang. The memories made at this event will last a lifetime, and the contributions of hundreds into making the revamped production what...

Public School Panic

Public School Panic

Maya Matheney, Features Editor February 1, 2022

On Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, swarms of students sprinted away from the media building. Sounds of possible gunshots echoed through the building, leaving students frightened and launched into pure...

A restroom at Gibbs High School during the dress code protests.

The Dress Code Dilemma

Maya Matheney, Features Editor November 29, 2021

Dress code is a pressing issue at St. Pete High, leaving a sharp divide between those who support it and those who don’t. Several students have chosen to boycott this policy, by simply refusing to wear...

Senior Hubert Pugzlys delivering Gobble Grams as a turkey

Gobble Gobble: It’s Time to be Thankful

Olivia Moore, News Editor November 19, 2021

During the week leading up to thanksgiving St.Petersburg High School is in a thankful mood! Especially because St.Petersburg High School’s Speech and Debate team spent the latter half of the week delivering...

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