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Palmetto & Pine

Palmetto & Pine

Connections quickly spread to the phones of most St. Pete High students.

Whither Wordle? Connections is Cooler

Maya Daly, A&E Writer May 6, 2024

Once upon a time the game that captured everybody’s attention was Wordle, but there’s been an unexpected change. Connections dominates the downtime of everyone I know, and I have no clue what triggered...

Comfort in Trinkets

Comfort in Trinkets

Shayla Nguyen, A&E Writer March 5, 2024

Collectibles are no new thing. Whether it be stamps, figurines, or quite literally anything else, for decades, everyone seems to have at least one type of thing they like to collect. But why the collection?...

Escapism for Students: Finding a Personal Outlet

Escapism for Students: Finding a Personal Outlet

Sarah Rowland, A&E Writer March 5, 2024

With the holiday high season behind us, it is now crunch time for many students and staff here at St. Petersburg High School. With all the academic stress the second semester can bring on top of things...

Having the privilege of experiencing academic experiences such as these improves students’ all-around intellect, creativity, and independence.

Stopping the Summer Slide: SPHS Students’ Academic Experiences

Ellie Miller, A&E Editor October 17, 2023

For most students, summer break is the most anticipated time of the year: no school, no deadlines, no classes. However, as the start of school rolls around, many students struggle to adjust to the constant...

Gloria Privis’ piece entitled ‘Unity’ is in connection to the Russia-Ukraine War. The picture shows two women, her mother and her cousin, with their hair braided together.

The SPHS Scholastic Champions

Carly Keith, Devils Eye Writer May 15, 2023

The results are in! Four Green Devils here at St. Petersburg High School are being recognized for their contributions to the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Around 240,000 students in the United...

A Review and Recap: Game of Tiaras presented by SPHS

A Review and Recap: Game of Tiaras presented by SPHS

November 15, 2021

Going into the theatre Thursday night my expectations were low for a school play, after the first 10 minutes I was immediately immersed in the enchanting world of princesses fighting over the throne. The...

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