A Review and Recap: Game of Tiaras presented by SPHS

Going into the theatre Thursday night my expectations were low for a school play, after the first 10 minutes I was immediately immersed in the enchanting world of princesses fighting over the throne. The edgy lines were perfectly delivered alongside the endless comedy, seeing this play put on and performed by such passionate and hard-working people was a privilege. The directing and acting were all on point and you can see the hard work done by the cast. My only problem when reviewing this play was what appeared to be the white student playing an exclusively indigenous role. Pocahontas had many jokes and lines specific only to the struggles and opinions of indigenous people, cutting slack seeing as this is a high school production is the most appropriate thing to do in this situation. The performances of Ellie the snow queen and Cinderella in a devious state were mind-blowing and the talent is undeniable. The little mermaid, although crude at times, sang perfectly and passionately. The band presented to the audience in a creative unconventional manner all played their roles just as perfectly as the rest of the cast. Game of Tiaras was a wonderful production that I would gladly see again. I’m excited about what’s to come from the spring musical and highly recommend indulging in any of the SPHS productions.