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Comfort in Trinkets

What about collectibles that warms the hearts of others?
Comfort in Trinkets
Ava John

Collectibles are no new thing. Whether it be stamps, figurines, or quite literally anything else, for decades, everyone seems to have at least one type of thing they like to collect. But why the collection? What about trinkets and bits make them so exciting to have, if all they do is sit there? Well, there are many things these seemingly insignificant collectibles can offer to a person. Adrenaline, joy, satisfaction, and much more are rewarded if trinkets are given a chance.

IB student Kylie Ermatinger is an avid collector of Sonny Angels, small figurine cherubs with varying headgear inspired by the popular Japanese Kewpie baby. Originally designed as a companion to working women in their 20s, these tiny dolls were launched with the catchphrase, “He may bring you happiness”. And happiness they do bring! The ability to “take them anywhere” since they’re “so small” is a perk since this little joy can travel from place to place with you and can even become a good luck charm. This small addition to daily life has brought comfort into the lives of many, including Kylie’s. “They make me happy to just have in my room” states Kylie. With many different types from many years of series, Sonny Angels have gained popularity for their cute nature and are frequently sold and traded.As they come in blind boxes, this adds adrenaline to purchasing them in hopes of receiving the type you want. Though due to this, the one wanted isn’t always a guarantee. In fact, many collectors will gather and bring their angels to trade creating a fun and exciting atmosphere!

Furthermore, Sonny Angels are far from the only things worth collecting! Ranging from stickers to rocks to blind boxes to CDs, anything and everything can be used to build a collection! They can be showcased on social media and also bring pride as well as offer an interesting conversation piece. The feeling of completing one can be momentous and extremely satisfactory. Many communities have been formed through the love for different collections bringing different people together based on one common interest! Friendships and bonds are formed as well! Though some collections may be weird to some, it is important to remember that what really matters is that the collection brings joy to that person for their own reasons and not to judge others on their interests. A collection can hold much meaning for some people and can help represent them and their identities! There is no need for a collection to be expensive, though they can become so, but any trinket that sparks interest can be the first in your collection. This hobby is a valuable one and is a fun pastime while offering so much more than just being another element of one’s room. The new bonds made with others, the personal joys that collectibles bring, makes every bit of this pastime worthwhile.

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