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GOPs Hollow Primary Race

GOP’s Hollow Primary Race

Hema Mangat, Sports Editor February 22, 2024

In the 2024 presidential primary the candidates and their campaigns have certainly caught the public's eye and sparked a variety of opinions. Recent victories in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire...

Magnolia Moore, a St. Petersburg High School student, gives her Owala a “ten out of ten.”

The Water Bottle of the Year

Shayla Nguyen, Staff Writer October 17, 2023

With the recent summer bringing scorching heat and high temperatures, Florida has become a sauna. Through the heat, one hero has risen to save all sufferers of the sun. The Owala water bottle. This water...

The Palmetto & Pine staff posted a poll on our Instagram. 71 percent of our eligible followers are registered or pre-registered to vote.

Ready, Set, Vote!

Norah Craig, Social Media Manager September 14, 2023

This year’s graduating class will be 18 by November 2024. Just in time for elections! This is an important right and a valuable privilege that we have here in the United States to be able to participate...

As the debate unfolded, it became clear that the candidates strategies diverged.

Voices Clash and Strategies Shine: Analysis of the First 2024 GOP Primary Debate 

Hema Mangat, Sports Editor September 5, 2023

The first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate held in Milwaukee provided a vivid snapshot of the crowded GOP field as eight candidates took the stage. The notable absence of former President Donald...

There is no doubt that Black Americans have played a massive role in the formation of this country.

Black History is American History

Justin Jordan, Devils Eye Writer May 15, 2023

Teaching students the events of the past allows them to better comprehend the world around them; however, recently, as school curriculums have become more politicized, the content that students are taught...

When we buy a pet from a store, we are indirectly supporting this cruel industry. Every purchase fuels the cycle of animal mistreatment, and it is up to us as consumers to break this cycle.

Pets or Profit: The Heartbreaking Reality of the Pet Store Industry

Hema Mangat, Sports Editor March 6, 2023

As animal lovers, the thought of a pet being mistreated is enough to bring tears to our eyes. The reality, however, is that animal cruelty is a daily occurrence for countless animals in pet stores across...

The University of Florida has recently begun constructing a new A.I. facility.

Exploring the Capabilities of ChatGPT

Hema Mangat, Sports Editor February 23, 2023

The artificial intelligence (AI) text generator ChatGPT responded as follows when asked to describe itself: “I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. I am trained to understand and respond...

This election foreshadows Florida politics and affects citizens by impacting how laws will be passed.

The Impact of the Speaker of the House Election

Ava John, SPHS News Editor January 19, 2023

After 15 rounds of voting, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) became Speaker of the House in the early hours of January 7th. To win votes from the right, McCarthy made deals with House members that weakened the power...

It is significant to note the importance of shopping small to enrich the local economy.

Holiday Overconsumption

Ava John, SPHS News Editor December 12, 2022

Holiday spending is a staple of American culture, but overconsumption is not just a festive occurrence: it’s rooted in American culture.  America has the biggest consumer market in the world, and...

A sign commonly found posted outside teachers classrooms this year.

The National Teacher Shortage: How does it affect us?

Maya Matheney, News Editor October 18, 2022

Since the pandemic in 2020, a shortage of teachers has impacted many public schools sweeping the nation. St. Petersburg High School is not an exception to this phenomenon, as a lack of educators at our...

A photo taken at a local womens rights march in St. Petersburg, FL.

Navigating a post-Roe democracy

Ava John, SPHS News Editor September 15, 2022

Over the summer, I attended a journalism camp at Boston University. I wrote for the Boston Terrier, attended press conferences with the mayor, and interviewed Bostonians regarding recent laws and rulings....

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