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The Water Bottle of the Year

Has the Stanley Cup stepped down from its throne to make room for the new ‘best’ water bottle of the year, the Owala?
Izzy Welch
Magnolia Moore, a St. Petersburg High School student, gives her Owala a “ten out of ten.”

With the recent summer bringing scorching heat and high temperatures, Florida has become a sauna. Through the heat, one hero has risen to save all sufferers of the sun. The Owala water bottle. This water bottle, though it has been around since 2020, recently has amassed a fan club of Owala enthusiasts. What makes it so unique is that it has the potential to dethrone the recent Stanley water bottle trend.

The Owala craze has wormed its way into St. Petersburg High School, with teachers and students carrying them to school and back each day. What makes an Owala so special? Firstly, the structure of the Owala is certainly unique. Combining the best of both worlds, with a sip straw but also an opening to chug water. Even more, “the straw is covered up, so I never have to touch it,” Ms. Scussel explains. Raising a good point, the Owala’s structure prevents nasty germs from accidentally getting onto the mouthpiece and straw. “I’m always using it,” states Ms. Scussel, as it has “improved [her] hydration.” Magnolia Moore, a St. Petersburg High School student, gives her Owala a “ten out of ten.” It’s a “no brainer” as “it comes in all sizes, and keeps [water] super cold” all day. Not only is the Owala functional, “it’s the whole package,” remarks Mr. Lindenburg. “It’s the straw, it’s the mouthpiece, it’s the color schemes” which are factors as to why this bottle stands out against the rest. The only thing that isn’t great is the weight of the water bottle when filled, depending on the size, of course, but that’s an issue that all large-capacity water bottles have and a very small price to pay.

Notably, last year’s water bottle craze revolved around the Stanley Cup. Cute colors and designs aside, what is important at the end of the day is the hydration that students and teachers need. With going to school every day, it is understandable that schedules are busy, and hydration can easily slip the mind. Work to do or not, hydration throughout the day should remain a top priority. According to Mr. Lindenburg, one of St. Petersburg High School’s biology teachers, “You don’t need to go nuts, but it’s important to drink water to avoid dehydration, headaches (which can be distracting in school), and to help with digestion.” Adding on, dehydration from a lack of water can “increase some of the blood pressure going to the blood vessels in the brain,” which can cause “tension headaches.” Drinking water can combat these issues as it improves brain activity and circulation. Increased circulation is beneficial for many things, such as physical and mental stamina. Magnolia Moore expresses that through drinking more water from her Owala, she “becomes more focused” during the school day and works well.

If students have trouble remembering to drink water, building habits to slowly increase water intake is key. For example, walking into a classroom and taking a long sip of water before sitting down is one habit that can help. Students can even try to take a sip if they see a certain color or object. The rule of thumb is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, and students need to realize how much water needs to be consumed for optimal health. The Florida heat is no joke; even in the Fall, there are many hot days. Due to this, consistent hydration should be a top priority, which can improve students’ health as well as their performance inside and outside of school. Of course, no one needs a fancy water bottle to fulfill this necessity, but if one were to pick, an Owala seems to be a great choice, with Owala owners highly recommending the bottle.

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