The Influence of BookTok: Jenny Han and others


Izzy Welch

Popular BookTok Books.

Books by popular authors such as Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jenny Han, and Holly Jackson, have gained their success primarily on TikTok. These well-known books have become highly favored over the past few months. Jenny Han has gained popularity from social media for many different novels throughout her career.

One of the books that have been heavily discussed is The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. The trilogy was published over a decade ago and was turned into a hit TV show on Amazon Prime. Han’s other popular book series is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. There have been reviews all over social media regarding Jenny Hans’ books. Some readers commented that her books are “fun and nostalgic.” A student from SPHS commented on Han’s books saying that “she knows how to write a great, heart-warming rom-com.” Others commented that “the film was better than the book.” Of course, everyone has their different opinions on the trilogy. Some thought the books were not their cup of tea, but the movie was. Some said that the movie was not the best, but the books were good. Others even believe both are bad. 

There are many books that have been in huge demand due to TikTok. By picking up one of these reads, you might discover that you have a different opinion than everyone else.  You may also find an online community that agrees with you!