Letter from the Editor


Paloma Welch

March 27, 2012

The earliest stories from my childhood were read aloud to me. My dad explained why the old lady swallowed the fly. He helped me envision the drawings that were created with Harold’s purple crayon. He taught me about the tree that never stopped giving. He prepared me for the unfeasible day that I may run into a moose in Maine.

These children’s books founded my adoration for literature. The first book series I ever owned was located in the fantastical world of Rainspell Island, where fairies are real. I envied the whimsical lives of Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker. I longed to explore the world like Jack and Annie in their magical treehouse. Without this early introduction to reading, my interest in journalism may have never blossomed. Without the nightly read-alouds from my dad before bedtime, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

When I entered sixth grade, my mom and I started a new television show. As a twelve-year-old gifted student, I aspired to be a scholar and writer like the main character, Rory Gilmore. I envisioned myself in her shoes, driven by reading and writing stories. I admired her initiative as she worked towards becoming a journalist and achieving her dreams.

Rory taught me how to pursue my goals. Sookie showed me how to be positive, even in hard moments. Luke embodied the reward of patience and Lane taught me to do what I love. I learned leadership skills from Emily and the honor of hard work from Richard. Most importantly, from Lorelai, I was inspired to always be myself. These characters and stories have influenced the person I am. I have my mom to thank for this gift.

These critical aspects of my upbringing have led me to where I am today, writing this letter. These forms of art paved a path that I will continue to follow. Writing provides an outlet for anyone to tell the stories that have shaped their life. Through journalism, people can explain all of the things that they could never put into words. Writing is a method for influencing the lives of others and leaving a mark on the world, no matter the size.

 I am here so I can retell the stories that were told to me, the stories that raised me. The Palmetto & Pine works towards gifting the student body with a chance to be heard. Our goal, as a newspaper, is to encourage students who struggle with narrating their own stories. We seek to create a comfortable atmosphere for our peers. We appreciate you, as a reader, for hearing our stories. We hope it encourages you to tell yours too.

Paloma Welch, Co-Editor-in-Chief