The Feminist Club at SPHS


Dylan Shapiro

Drawing of women’s hands to show solidarity

Hey, Green Devils! As you may have heard, our very own St. Petersburg High School is reviving the feminist club, which will open up many new doors for all our students. 

So, what does feminism mean? Feminism is about standing up for women and any injustices they may face. In a high school environment, feminism is supporting and respecting women, as well as providing a space to be comfortable and express your beliefs alongside others. Feminism is about men and women being equal, not one or the other. We want all of our students to understand this and support it! 

Run by Claire Emerson and Dylan Shapiro, this club provides service opportunities for students to work together, including power walks and tampon drives! There will be a power walk at Northshore Drive on October 23rd. This walk is for “The Power of She”!! The clubs’ first meeting was held on September 21st in Mrs. Scussel’s room.

The future of the SPHS feminist club is bright! With many young, eager students wanting to stand up for their rights, the club will maintain its activity for years to come. Hopefully, over time, this club remain popular amongst young women for generations to come! If you would like to learn more about the SPHS feminist club, be sure to follow their Instagram @sphsfeministclub and join their remind “sphsfe”! Being united as young scholars makes our SPHS community so much stronger! Us women need to stick together!