Navigating Midterms


Kenley Shible

Exams are approaching quickly. It is important to get ahead on preparation.

As you all know, we are entering finals season, and approaching our winter break! Unfortunately, constant midterms and testing can put a toll on everyone’s holiday spirit, and it causes higher stress levels mid-way through the year.

For many people, the holiday season at school means extensive tests, cramming work, and trying to get grades in on time before we all leave for two weeks. You can avoid this stress by studying while setting aside time for relaxation and family to maintain balance and dissolve panicking. You should always make sure to prepare for tests throughout the week to avoid cramming the night before. Most students have said certain classes take more time and effort than others (because who doesn’t have at least one tough class?) and that studying for those specific classes is always harder. For this, you should try a different study method. In my experience, switching from paper notes to slides, docs to flashcards, or even flashcards back to paper works for tougher classes. Sometimes you just have to try everything out to see which works best for you. Remember, not all of your classes are going to have the exact same study method!

Another common struggle is keeping yourself interested and focused, especially when most of us are thinking of our time off. Drifting off or losing attention becomes a problem in the future when exams are based on subjects you missed. To keep yourself engaged in class, try taking notes in a way that helps you visualize what you’re trying to retain. 

You could try playing music to keep you alert (if your teacher allows it) or practice studying with your friends to get more input on the lesson. Anything to keep you intrigued in what you’re learning!

 Time management and note-taking like this can be difficult, but talking to teachers and asking questions to keep yourself up to date can be effective too. Voicing your concerns and opinions provides better communication and helps you stay in touch. This way, if you’re struggling and need guidance, you have your teachers to fall back on.

Overall, don’t let this test-ridden season get to you. Focus on what you do best and what you struggle with. You should also pay attention to your time management. These last two weeks, although they may be short, are very important, so relax and make them count!

If you are in need of study methods to help you with your exam preparation, read “Four Effective Study Methods” by Sarah Rowland.