Girls & Boys Varsity Lacrosse Teams Reformed


Leslie Craig

The girls’ team continues to win with their Coach, Tim McGoff, by their side.

Beginning their season on Wednesday, February 15th, the St. Petersburg High School Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team faced off against Northside Christian, followed by the boys’ team. Last year, both lacrosse teams faced insurmountable losses due to the number of seniors that graduated in 2022. The boys’ team lacrosse lost 16 seniors, while the girls lost 6. On top of this, the boys’ team got a new coach this year since Coach Parker left. Coach Nate, the assistant coach last year, now leads them. The girls’ team continues to win with their Coach, Tim McGoff, by their side.

This year, lacrosse tryouts were walk-ons, meaning everyone who tried out was guaranteed a spot on the team. The teams were open to players of all skills and grade levels. After speaking to Lane Higgs, a sophomore on the boys’ team, it made sense that due to all the seniors that left, “lacrosse has become a great sport for beginners.” He explains that because “not many people play lacrosse from a young age,” it is easier to get into the sport because the people around you are close to your skill level and accepting of “inexperienced newbies.”

In addition, neither the boys nor girls have a JV team, although they both have chosen starting players and those who substitute at times. Reforming both teams after the loss of over 20 seniors total will be a struggle for both players and coaches, but our Green Devils will make it happen. As our lacrosse girls prepare for all 16 of their currently scheduled games and the boys prepare for their 11, we will cheer them on from the stands! If there are any changes in the schedule, roster, coaches, etc., MaxPreps is an amazing way to stay up to date.