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The Science Olympiad

A club for all students who love science! The Science Olympiad recruits club members to compete in a thrilling science competition against various other schools!
Kimberly Bogran
If you love science, competition, and socializing, then we highly recommend checking out the Science Olympiad!

If you are a student with a passion for science and a love for competition, the Science Olympiad is the perfect club for you! The Science Olympiad is a science club where students compete against various other schools in a high-tense science competition. The Science Olympiad strives to expand student’s knowledge and passion for science.

The competitions are challenging but a ton of fun. Club members sign up for events to participate in based on the branch of science they are most interested in. Whether you have a particular interest in chemistry, physics, forensics, astronomy, or biology, the Science Olympiad has an event for everyone. The competitions are different for every branch, but each one requires you to apply your knowledge on the subject you signed up to compete in. Some competitions require you to do a lab, meaning you must be familiar with all the equipment and materials, and sometimes you’re even required to bring in your own materials. The competitions take a lot of preparation, but the Science Olympiad club here at St. Petersburg High School works together to help prepare you for the competition months in advance. Being in the club requires you to travel as competitions are statewide and possibly beyond. Club members attend regional competitions and then have a chance to move up to States and even Nationals, where students are presented with scholarship opportunities!

The club’s leader, Saada Baumfeld, states that the Science Olympiad “gives kids the opportunity to explore their interests in the different branches of science.” Every student is required to take a science class, but if you have a deeper interest in science, the Science Olympiad is the perfect opportunity to explore the different branches and strengthen those interests. The club is also an excellent opportunity to build your teamwork and organization skills. Students will either work individually or with a partner at each event, but even when students work individually, they still work under St. Petersburg High School’s team. Competitions require a lot of preparation and planning, which allows students to work together, building team and organizational skills. The social aspects of the club make competing in the Science Olympiad a ton of fun!

If you love science, competition, and socializing, then I highly recommend checking out the Science Olympiad! The club hosts meetings every Tuesday during lunch where students can learn about the club and speak with Saada Baumfeld, the club’s leader, if they have any more questions.  The competitions start around February, and the club takes the first semester to prepare. Our Science Olympiad team strives to win competitions and beat our rivals at Largo High School! If you are interested in joining, find their booth at next year’s club fair for more information or talk to Mr. Piechocki in Room 4-101. It takes hard work, but overall, the Science Olympiad is so much fun for all its members!

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