An Unclear Something

In the year of 2001, a woman and man by the names of Katherine and Emilio Jones gave birth to three beautiful babies. One by the name of Stella, another by the name of Hayden, and the last by Sarah. While growing up, the triplets remained close to each other and their older brother, Jeremy. The triplets and Jeremy did everything together; they were each other’s best friends. That is until Kindergarten started. Jeremy was in second grade when the triplets entered elementary school. Hayden had his personal friends, yet Stella and Sarah shared the same friends. Stella and Sarah did not get along at all; they argued over everything. It was as if they were having a constant competition, trying to be the “winner.” That proceeded through primary and grammar school. Stella, Hayden, and Sarah were in the same courses, so they saw each other 24/7. However, occasionally, they would act as if they did not know each other. Hayden would ignore the girls and the girls would neglect each other. Despite this, the triplets were attached. If one of the triplets became wounded, the other two sensed something was wrong. They came to the rescue; they always did.

Their eighth-grade year was the toughest, especially while choosing high schools. Jeremy was a sophomore at a private school, during the time of high school decisions. After touring the high schools, Stella and Hayden decided to follow Jeremy; they followed in his footsteps and enrolled at the private school. However, Sarah decided to go to a public high school, away from her siblings and best friends. Sarah was familiar with having someone close on her left-hand side,  and another on her right-hand side. But, the two weren’t to be seen. The process of high school is a lot different without the people closest to you. High school is a lot different without the people you grew up with. In the womb, being close to each other, to being a baby. From being a baby to going to pre-k. Pre-k to elementary. Elementary to middle school. And middle school to high school. It was as if Sarah was shedding all the memories with her siblings. As if she was emitting her “skin.” However, she knew that ‘old skin’ would help her grow. Sarah is shedding and learning to grow into a person, who is ready for the stage to come… the unclear something.