The Quest for Queso

On the morning of February 1st, 2023, history was being made. A bright, beautiful red building arose at the corner of 66th Street and Tyrone boulevard. A small but ferocious red devil and words reading “Torchy’s Tacos” were placed on top of the structure. Questions filled my head. What could this place be? Do they have good food? When do they open? Queso? 

I immediately got to researching. It turns out that Torchys Tacos is known for their “damn good tacos” and their record-winning queso. After scrolling and scrolling– drooling over pictures– one post, in particular, grasped my attention. The post read, “be one of the first 100 customers on our grand opening and receive free chips and queso for a year.” My heart dropped. How could this be? 

Queso just so happens to be my favorite thing on this earth, and here I am, with the potential to have it for free for an entire year. It sounded like a dream. I knew I had to get it.  

So that is exactly what I did. I skipped school, woke up at 4am, slept in my car, and sat outside in a line for hours until the restaurant opened. Upon sitting there waiting for the ribbon to be cut and the doors to be unlocked, a thought crossed my mind: what if the queso isn’t even good? 

I was wrong to ever think such a thing. Not only am I able to get this queso for free for an entire year now, but it was damn good, just like their tacos.