Sprout, a scrawny, spirited, egg-laying hen couldn’t lay eggs on command anymore. She began a
new life like sprouts from the acacia tree. During her journey she escaped the weasel in the Hole
of Death, made a new friend, watched her friend die, and raised a baby duck all on her own. Her
love, protection, and compassion for her baby Greentop never diminished. Through it all, Sprout
always protected Greentop from the ruthless, one-eyed weasel. After Greentop left Sprout to join
the flock as a lookout, Sprout discovered that the villainous weasel was actually a new mother
caring for her babies. Throughout winter, the weasel became skinnier and slower. Sprout soon
realized the weasel was struggling to feed her newborns.
Sprout had nothing to live for anymore since Greentop was her whole world. After he
left, she did not have to keep fighting the weasel nor keep running. She knew what she had to do.
She gave up her life so the weasel would have something to feed her newborns. It was a sacrifice
of one mother for another.
The theme of this novel is about the desire to be a mother and overcome obstacles to care
for one’s child. Furthermore, this story journeys through individuality and freedom. Sprout
learned to let her loved one go and she experienced new discoveries. She sacrificed herself
unselfishly. Just like the sprouts from the acacia tree, Sprout had a new beginning- she was
finally free to fly.