Building St. Pete High’s Legacy Brick by Brick


Ella Connelly

Brick in St. Pete High Courtyard.

The St. Petersburg High School students walk to class ill-considered to the bricks fabricated below their feet full of their classmates, teachers, and friends’ names. What are these newly installed bricks here for anyways?

St. Pete High is actively selling bricks for the new courtyard that can be there to honor friends/family, remember loved ones, support organizations, or even mark a special date in your life. The money raised from the families purchasing bricks is spent on funding the campus improvements for St. Pete High School. These 4×8 bricks cost $100 and can be engraved with whatever can fit in three, 18-word lines. 

Memorial bricks are used all around the world to mark significant people or events in our lives. A personalized brick presents a visual demonstration of commitment. To get more reasoning on why students and parents were purchasing these bricks, opinions from the St. Pete community were needed. 

Ashley Keber is a future brick purchaser in the new courtyard. She is the mother of Max Keber and Tate Keber. Max is currently a freshman playing tennis at the University of West Florida and Tate is a current Junior Green Devil. Mrs. Keber was urged to buy a brick to “be a part of the legacy and history” of her loved ones and family at St. Pete High. She values the importance of family and building up the community around her.

Many different families and people have different reasons for what urged them into buying a brick. Blythe Holecek, the mother of the current senior Claire Holecek, wanted to purchase a brick, stating that “it would be nostalgic because [she] went to St. Petersburg High School and graduated in 1987, as well as [her] father who graduated in 1956. [She] also would like to be supportive of this historic school and the memories it created.” Mrs. Holecek values the historical significance our school is founded upon. 

Everyone has a different story and reason for why they want to purchase a brick. You can join the St. Pete High legacy and still purchase a brick today!