5 Essential Halloween-Themed Episodes in TV


Dylan Shapiro

A number of Pumpkins sitting at a local pumpkin patch

With Halloween approaching, getting into the spooky spirit is a must. While watching Halloween movies is a tradition, increasing school work makes it hard to find the time to sit down and watch the classics. Thankfully, many fan-favorite tv shows create a seasonal Halloween-themed episode filled with carved pumpkins, costume parties, and everything else to get you in the fall spirit. Here are five of the best Halloween-themed episodes on television.


5. Keaton – New Girl 

While I may be slightly biased due to the fact that New Girl is one of my favorite shows, this Halloween special is guaranteed to make you laugh. The episode follows the three roommates acting as the iconic Micheal Keaton in order to lift the oblivious Schmidt’s spirit, all while prepping for a Halloween party. Featuring some witty costumes and amusing dialogue, it’s a great watch– especially for Batman fans. 


4. The One With The Halloween Party – Friends

This classic sitcom can put anyone in a cheerful mood. In this special, we see the gang host a Halloween party that causes some unexpected problems. Fights erupt, and boyfriends get stolen, but who wouldn’t want to see the friends in some wacky get-ups in Monica’s spiderweb-filled apartment? 


3. Halloween – Modern Family

In this hilarious episode, Halloween is Claire’s favorite holiday, and she is taking it very seriously. However, not everyone is as enthralled as she is. With fights breaking out, issues at work, and costume malfunctions, the haunted house of Claire’s dreams is not going according to plan. Nevertheless, don’t get spooked, because the family manages to pull it together to give Claire the perfect Halloween night.


2. Halloween – The Office

While the beloved show has had many Halloween episodes over the years, they pretty much nailed it the first time. We get to see double of the iconic Micheal Scott when his costume appears to be a paper maché version of himself on his shoulder. Plus, the pining between Jim and Pam is bound to put a smile on any fan’s face (because who doesn’t love Jim and Pam?).


1. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 

While this Charlie Brown favorite is officially listed as a film, it is still considered a television special, which earns it a spot on this list. For most, this witty special is a classic and even a tradition to watch on Halloween. It is hard to identify what exactly makes this film so famous, but one thing I know for certain is that watching the Peanuts gang take on this holiday provides an unmatched sense of comfort. Just like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin, I’ll be waiting for this film to appear on my screen on Halloween night.