Local Holiday Volunteering


Maria Somado

Maria Somado and Syncyera Wisdom’s CAS project for holiday donations.

With the Holiday season coming up, more people will be in the mood to give back. Holiday donations are an important part of being in a community. Giving back is an amazing action that will uplift both you and the recipients of your donations. 

Here is a list of official places to volunteer around St. Petersburg.

Publix Toy Donation

Remember all those toy boxes you see during the holidays at Publix? Publix partners with Advent Health to donate to our local hospitals. Be sure to drop some toys in these bins next time you go grocery shopping!

American Hurricane

With recent hurricanes like Ian and Nicole, many animals have been displaced. The holidays are a time when we are together with loved ones, including our pets. Unfortunately, not all animals can be with their humans. American Hurricane is a charity for animals that responds to natural disasters by helping animals in poor living conditions and emergency first-response units. 


Make-A-Wish is an amazing place to donate money, because not only is it reliable, but it changes lives. In case you may be unfamiliar with Make-th critical illnesses fulfill their dreams. Donating to this charity could truly improve the holiday season for a child. 

Mental Health America

The holiday season can be rough, especially when it comes to mental health. Mental Health America is one of the biggest Mental Health organizations in the United States. It offers 24-hour service seven days a week to those who might be in crisis. Please consider donating or possibly volunteering!

National Alliance to End Homelessness 

Even though Florida is relatively warm during the winter, it is still worrying how many people are out on the street in the cold. Homelessness is still a very big issue in the United States. Donate to this organization to make a difference around the country.

SPHS Service Projects

Students in the 3DE and IB programs have community service projects that you can volunteer and donate to during the holidays and throughout the year. For example, Maria Somado and Syncyera Wisdom are conducting a holiday donation drive for their IB CAS project! They are accepting non-perishable, single-serving food items to donate to the Good Samaritan Pantry. This is just one of the many student-organized opportunities you can utilize to give back during the holidays.

Enjoy this Holiday season by giving back!