How to Plan the Best Valentine’s Day Date


Jocelyne Lioe

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This Valentine’s day, we wanted to highlight some of the special things that St. Petersburg High School students want to do for Valentine’s day. After interviewing many students, some things seemed to come up often. 

Many students who were interviewed said they would love to receive flowers, specifically pink ones. Many date ideas included the beach or a picnic rather than a fancy dinner. Being thoughtful is important too. Almost everyone wanted their Valentine to plan the date for them. Making a Valentine’s day playlist and listening to music was a popular suggestion too. 

Other unique suggestions included building legos together, getting a film camera to take photos at the beach with, and having breakfast in bed. Regarding food, chocolate was a popular choice when asked about candy. Sushi, Chick-fil-a, and waffles were also commonly mentioned foods. Overall, it seems like being thoughtful is what matters most this Valentine’s day. However, if you want to go above and beyond, following some of these suggestions can help you impress your Valentine.