Football: As Experienced By A Student


Izzy Welch

The Green Devils are ready to face up against the Barons.

A certain fever was in the air on Friday, August 19th. The Green Devils faced off against the St. Petersburg Catholic Barons in this thrilling game. It was not only because this was the first football game of the season, but because the Green Devils were in the lead. Play after play the fans rose and cheering erupted. There was an excitement that was emphasized by the fact that many of the students in the stands had never attended a game where the Green Devil had such a lead that it would seem impossible to lose.

During halftime, it was like a race to the snowcone truck, and the line filled the entirety of the space between the locker rooms and the field. It seemed as if every person in the area sighed when it was announced that they had run out of water. I even witnessed a successful– until caught– attempt to bribe the cheerleaders for their Gatorade. Despite the heat, and collective need for water, there was still an electrified feeling that superseded any negativity that may have plagued the night.

As the second half proceeded, St. Petersburg Catholic scored a touchdown, but missed the extra point. However, our home team didn’t let that shake them. They continued to score and maintain their lead. In the last sixty seconds of the game, the JV players were sent to the field to bask in the glory of a guaranteed win. The game ended at 36 to 6 and for myself and many others, this was the first Green Devil win we had witnessed. After the game, I talked to a couple of cheerleaders who joked that they had to “remember their winning cheers.” It is a collective feeling amongst the St. Pete High student body that we hope for this win to set the mood for the rest of the season. Congratulations Green Devils, and good luck!