The Demands of Student Athletes


Kristin Rasmussen

Green Devils Lacrosse Team

Athletes spend their childhood and teen years training to win the approval of their coach. By the time colleges are ready to recruit students, a great majority of them have reached their limit. Balancing school, family, social life, and extra training to put you ahead, can be the most draining thing. Kristin Rasmussen, an IB junior and aspiring college athlete, says that “it has become almost impossible to maintain [her] 4.0 GPA, stay up to date on the latest social events, and stay one of the top performers on [her] lacrosse team.”

Playing a sport and keeping up with school can be extremely difficult on its own. A junior at St.Pete High, Tate Keber. is proving that it is more than possible. Not only does she maintain a good GPA, but she also plays tennis and volleyball competitively. She says that “maintaining school and multiple sports can be really stressful, but it is all worth it.” She loves both sports and although it can all be a lot to handle with school, she does it with grace. 

These are just two athletes at St. Petersburg High School that are struggling with balancing sports, life, and school. There are many other students who feel overwhelmed with the abundance of activities going on in their lives. Feeling like you must be at the top of your class or the best on your team can put a strain on your body and mental health. No matter what, a person’s mental health should be the main priority at the end of the day.