Beloved by Many, Appreciated By All


Avery Lazzara

2021: Avery Lazzara (left) and Anna Cubito (right) at their cross country meet.

Student. Athlete. Inspiration. Avery Lazzara is a star athlete on the cross country and tennis teams at SPHS. She is a member of the student government and is an IB student graduating this year. According to Avery, the most important thing you can do as a student is “put your best foot forward.”

As a student, Avery is a role model. She is an IB student in Rojans and has a history in the student government. She has taken the roles of secretary, class president, and student body president. This year, Avery plans to bring back powderpuff, give rewards for honor roll and principal’s list students, and participate in monthly teacher appreciation. These changes and additions will hopefully make a happier and healthier SPHS. The positive reward systems help to encourage students and teachers to continuously perform at their best.

This year, Avery made it to states with her cross-country team and ran as the second-scoring runner on the team. She has been to the state championships for 3 of the 4 years of her career and has played tennis in her freshman and senior years. As always, we see her encouraging others to perform at their best. With cross-country being mentally and physically challenging, the team required captains to be dedicated and encouraging. This describes Avery Lazzara perfectly, as all her teammates see her as kind and helpful. Mae Denson, a runner on the cross-country team, said that “Avery makes the team feel like a family.” The entire team sees her as a supportive captain that is much appreciated.

Although we will be sad to see her go this year, her teachers and fellow students have been proud to see her grow as a student-athlete and a well-rounded individual.