A Walk in the Park

The sun was setting on a crisp fall evening, the sky turning purple as a full moon takes over the horizon. Jeremy knew it wasn’t safe to go outside in the dark but something about this night made the risk seem worth it. Jeremy grabbed his coat and a flashlight, locked his door, stored his keys safely in his pocket, and set off. He made his way to the park he grew up going to. Through the light of the flashlight, the playground from his childhood came into view. Jeremy began to reminisce all of the fun he had on the swing set, monkey bars, and slide when his flashlight began to flicker, and then soon after turned off. In complete darkness aside from the mood overhead, Jeremy tried to trace his steps back home.

After walking for a few minutes in what he thought was the right direction, Jeremy heard the sound of crunching leaves somewhere in the distance. Afraid and unable to see his surroundings, he broke into a sprint. Jeremy collided with a tree due to not being able to see anything and fell straight on his back. On the ground, Jeremy heard the crunching sounds getting faster, and they were now accompanied by a hearty howl. Jeremy sprang to his feet and managed to dodge any obstacles until he finally saw his porch light up ahead. Once finally at the door, he reached for the handle, turned it, and remembered he had locked it before leaving. Jeremy quickly reached into his coat pocket as the howling grew louder behind him, only to find it was there. It had fallen out when he fell earlier. Jeremy turned towards the direction of his predator and saw a wolf, probably 6ft in length, with huge sharp teeth barreling toward him. Out of options, Jeremy closed his eyes and braced himself.

Instead of a snarl, Jeremy heard two voices laughing. Perplexed Jeremy opened his eyes to see his two best friends Timmy and Conner each in one half of a wolf costume teary-eyed with laughter. “We totally scared you man,” said Timmy. “Yeah,” said Connor laughing, “When you saw us you looked like you were about to cry.” Both relieved and embarrassed, Jeremy was ready to finally go inside. “I lost my keys running back here,” Jeremy said. “Don’t worry we saw them and picked them up” Conner said, handing the keys to Jeremy. With that, the three boys headed into the house, safe and sound.