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Nobodys Valedictorian

Nobody’s Valedictorian

Ava Daly, Arts & Entertainment Editor May 4, 2022

I have an embarrassingly mediocre grade point average, a shockingly low interest in school politics, and a cobweb filled trophy case. What does this mean? I’m officially out of the running to give a...

The Keira Knightlification of Period Dramas

The Keira Knightlification of Period Dramas

Paloma Welch, Opinion Editor March 1, 2022

As a lover of period dramas, my youth was filled with captivating characters such as Emma Woodhouse, Cecilia Tails, Éponine Thénardier, and many more. Throughout the years, a recurring actress in many...

Yes, that is a picture of me crying. Not from a movie, but its proof that I am not emotionless!

Movies Make Me Sad

Ava Daly, Arts & Entertainment Editor March 1, 2022

I have a disease, to which there is no cure. I am totally and completely unable to cry at movies. Not kidding. The most I've ever been able to shed is a single tear and even then I'm pretty sure my eye...

THE 2022 GRAMMYS: Predictions and Problems

THE 2022 GRAMMYS: Predictions and Problems

Ellie Miller, Social Media Manager/ Opinion/ A&E February 1, 2022

A 1960s family, together on a burgundy couch, glued to their TV, watching Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles. Then, a group of college freshmen in the 90s, seeing Whitney Houston’s knockout performance of...

I Love My Rock N Roll Boyfriends

I Love My Rock ‘N’ Roll Boyfriends

Ava Daly, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 1, 2022

As Joan Jett once said, I love Rock ‘N’ Roll.  Everything about it is electric! The music, fashion, lifestyle. The amount of trouble I would have found myself in as a young adult in the 1980s would...

Livs Library January Reads

Liv’s Library January Reads

Olivia Watson, Business Manager February 1, 2022

Red Queen Review  I found out about this book through “BookTok” and was a little nervous about reading seeing as it wasn't super popular but I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision...

The family that flicks together, sticks together.

Single Father Flicks

Ava Daly, Arts & Entertainment Editor November 3, 2021

50% of the American population and I have parents that aren’t together anymore. To be more specific, 164 million people have parents that are divorced, separated, broken-up, or barely know each other...

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