Spotify is better than Apple Music. This topic is one of the most divisive conversations in music and popular culture and it will continue to be debated by many for as long as these platforms exist. While they both achieve their obvious goal of providing a source for people to enjoy music and podcasts, Spotify is the definitive winner because of the easy accessibility of its library for all music consumers, the social aspects it supplies, and the ability to be creative when organizing your listening. 

As a loyal Spotify disciple, the pros of this platform far outweigh the minimal cons. Spotify, with its heavy focus on collaboration with other listeners, creates a sense of community and commonality when Apple Music seldom does. From finding new music in the “Discover Weekly” playlist, curated to your taste by the Spotify algorithm, to being able to view what music your friends are currently enjoying (sometimes not as appealing when your peers can blatantly see you listening to hours of the “Mother Knows Best (Reprise) from Tangled), Spotify clearly has an emphasis on the listener’s experience with the platform. Possibly the most popular aspect of Spotify is the creation of playlists. Spending hours on Pinterest, trying to find the perfect, aesthetically-pleasing image for your cover, creating a clever title and description, and then adding your favorite music, is a pleasure that many Spotify users share. However, Spotify is not without its faults. The platform has recently gathered flak for not removing one of its biggest moneymakers, The Joe Rogan Experience. Because of spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and his past usage of racial slurs, there has been an onset of demands to boycott not only his podcast, but the entirety of Spotify itself. It is unclear whether this controversy will impact the platform long-term, but it is certainly not a good look for Spotify.

While Apple Music does have a few pros, it’s incomparable to the numerous reasons why Spotify is superior. Even considering it’s somewhat better “high resolution streaming” (the ability to stream music at a higher hertz, making it a slightly finer listening experience), this margin of difference is not noticeable to the average music listener. The platform also automatically comes with any Apple product purchased, which is a notable plus for millions of Apple users. While these definite advantages make Apple Music a successful platform for music and podcast listening, they are not successful in making it a superior platform to Spotify. 

Overall, Spotify’s capability of creating an efficient platform, able to hold over 82 million tracks and over 3.6 million podcasts, and a pleasurable experience for its users, clearly make it the best option for music consumption.