Campus Update: Is Construction FINALLY Over?


Mack Davis

Drone-view of SPHS

St. Petersburg High School underwent major construction over the past few years. In an effort to preserve the historic school, extreme measures were taken into consideration during the school’s long-awaited renovation. After years of remodeling, a St. Petersburg staple is finally restored.

For many SPHS students, construction has been underway for the majority of their high school careers. This was not a normal restoration project, mainly because St. Petersburg High School is a part of the state and national historic registry. With any historic remodel, you can’t just tear things down and put in all new items; you have to preserve them. For example, most of the outside facade was hand-painted to keep the detail and even gold lettering looking the same as it was when the school first opened in 1926.

In total, this was a $43.8 million renovation project. The projects’ goals included preserving and restoring the school’s original architecture and historic features, while still providing the latest technologies to the students.

While many SPHS students question the use of the county’s money, wondering if it could have been put to better use elsewhere, it is clear that the renovations at St. Petersburg High School have effectively restored and updated SPHS to its former glory.

**All gallery photographs were taken by our own SPHS students!