SPHS Soccer Season Begins!


Paloma Welch

“This season looks promising for the varsity soccer players here at SPHS and their many fans!”

Everyone’s favorite fall sport has come back into play this 2022-2023 SPHS school year. The boys’ varsity team kicked off this season on November 7th with an insane shutout victory of 8-0 against Lakewood High School. The girls’ varsity team won their match against Lakewood with the same score. Senior player, Shamar Roberts, snagged the Player of the Match award for the boys’ team. After starting the season off well with a colossal win against Lakewood on their own turf, the teams push forward.

    During the second game of the season, our adored teams met with Osceola on our field for the first home game of the season! On November 9th, the final score concluded as 1-1, ending the game with a tie for the boys. Castle Bond, a senior on the team, was named Player of the Match this time after leading the team through an assumably exhausting game. The girls’ team also took home the gold with a resulting score of 4-2. 

  November 11th was the second home game against Northeast High School, where the boys brutally beat 2-1 and the girls beat 4-1. The Player of the Match for this face-off was none other than Blake Disler, a senior at SPHS, who also doubles as a team captain of the varsity team! Manuel Escamilla, a sophomore on the team, claims he “enjoys the energy of being on the field with his team during matches.” This season looks promising for the varsity soccer players here at SPHS and their many fans!