St. Pete’s First-Ever Rockin’ Roller Rink! 


Left to Right: Peyton McClung (SPHS), Victoria Torrealba (OFHS), Lauren McClung (SPHS), Pharyn McCrae (GHS)

Did you get the opportunity to check out St. Petersburg’s first Rockin’ Roller Rink? Thursday, March 9th marked the rink’s soft opening, and on March 10th, the pop-up roller rink had its grand opening at the Pier Plaza. This is the first-ever pop-up roller rink we’ve seen in St. Pete, and it could not have been more fun!

The new outdoor Rockin’ Roller Rink was placed on St. Pete’s beloved Pier for us Floridians to enjoy. It stood right in the middle of the Pier Plaza, making it the perfect spot to skate around with friends while also being able to cool down in the water or with a cold drink. This roller rink isn’t just for skating around in circles; live DJs and bands came to play for St. Pete’s skaters. The 6000-square-foot roller rink came with a disco ball, food, drinks, and tons of themed nights with music that all guests would love! These themed nights included TikTok Tuesday, Glow Night, Pride Night, Boys Band Night, 90s Night, DJ Night, and so much more! Each night held a new surprise for the skaters, filled with lights and music for everyone to enjoy. The rink was open for all ages making it the perfect place to enjoy a hot spring evening with your friends and family!

Sadly, the Rockin’ Roller Rink was only active for a month, its last day being April 9th. But, seeing its positive reception from news articles and its visitors, there is a chance that we could see it come back again! Peyton McClung, a junior at St. Petersburg High School, says she thinks “it was a super fun activity to offer to the public because it’s different.” So, if you ever get the opportunity to check out another pop-up Rockin’ Roller Rink, I highly recommend strapping on those skates and getting out there!