Gilmore Girls: The show of the season


Ellie Miller

Mural featuring Gilmore Girls Quote at Strand Bookstore, New York City.

The hit show Gilmore Girls has captivated millions of people’s hearts over the years. From the notable soundtrack to the lovable characters, Gilmore Girls has a little something for everyone. Despite the show’s ending in 2007, Gilmore Girls seems to grow more and more popular each year, especially in this season. In fact, the beloved show’s 20th anniversary was just last October, as fans around the world celebrate and reminisce about the comfort it has brought them. It seems like there is always an everlasting, cozy fall in the sweet small town of Connecticut which makes for the perfect cold-weather binge-watch. But truly, what makes this classic so popular? 

The Nostalgia 

The plot follows the life of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, the stars of Stars Hollow. Watching Gilmore Girls feels like growing up alongside the iconic mother-daughter duo as they navigate love, family, hardships, and everything in between. Lorelai gives you quick-minded commentary, all while juggling life as a single mom. Meanwhile, Rory portrays the perfectly imperfect, Harvard-bound student one could only dream of being. Gilmore Girls never fails to bring a sense of nostalgia to people of all ages, everywhere. You can always count on the endless cultural references of the early 2000s and the stories of each character no matter the time, or place. Gilmore Girls is fit for every emotion as well. If you’re sad, watch Gilmore Girls. If you’re happy, watch Gilmore Girls. As I said, this show has a little something for everyone. 

The Beautiful, Beautiful Boys 

Gilmore Girls has been bringing people together for decades. Arguably, the most common topic amongst fans is the hotshots Rory seems to find herself with. There are three total babes in Rory’s love life– starting with Dean. Dean was the seemingly perfect boyfriend and also Rory’s first relationship. However, things got rocky when Jess came into play (my personal favorite #teamjess). Jess was the new bad boy in town who effortlessly stole Rory’s heart, along with the rest of us. Then came Logan, the charming daredevil who became Rory’s endgame. However, we can’t forget about the hidden gem, Tristan Dugray. Tristan was a short-lived, flirty, and witty character with oh-so-much potential. If only he had a true chance… cheers to what could’ve been. (#tristandeservedmorescreentime) 

The Coziness of it All

So what gives the program such amazing autumnal appeal you may ask? Well, to me, fall and winter feel like coming home. This incredible time of year is welcoming, like being wrapped up in a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. Gilmore Girls can be described in the same way. It makes you want to curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa, eager to see what Luke and Lorelai will be bickering about next. Gilmore Girls makes for the best seasonal show because it is easy, entertaining, reliable, and rewatchable. TV like that is hard to find these days! The fantastic fall fashion is a bonus as well. If you’re looking for a new fall favorite, Gilmore Girls has your back. This TV gem is a great choice if you want to feel like you’re living right alongside the characters. After all, “reality has absolutely no place in our world!” – Lorelai Gilmore.